Collaborative Cancer Care


Did you know… one study showed Complimentary Alternative Medicine use among cancer patients ranged from 11-95%?
Of these patients 20-77% did not disclose their CAM use to their oncologists. 

As the use of CAM with cancer patents increase, the concerns for its efficacy and safety has also increase, thus the importance of referring to a qualified practitioner. 

Evidence Based Therapies

No magic wands or crystals here- Dr. Tade is passionate about providing care backed by scientific study. 

“I tell all my patients that the oncologist is in the drivers seat (controlling the treatment) and it is my job to make the trip less bumpy (negate side effects).”

Every therapy I offer is specifically tailored to the individual patient as well as their medications, chemotherapy and/or radiation regime. 


Individual therapies may include:

Dietary counseling- is ketogenic, alkaline, or mediterranean diet best? 

Specific Supplementation-  do you know many cancer patients take Milk Thistle during chemotherapy- which can actually make the chemotherapy LESS effective?

Exercise- did you know this is the best therapy to make radiation MORE effective?

IV Therapy-  did you know IV Vitamin C is extremely synergistic with most chemotherapies and can increase its effectiveness as well as the patients Quality of Life?

Acupuncture- is able to decrease nausea, vomiting and fatigue with no interactions or side effects

Mistletoe-  especially helpful in palliative care


Patient Goals:

Increase QOL

Decrease treatment side effects/ increase tolerance to treatment

Increase chemosensitivity/ radio sensitivity

Inrease treatment efficacy

Increase survival, decrease long term side effect

Treat the person as a whole

Provide diet and lifestyle guidance

Provide strategic supplementation

Provide emotional support


Books Dr. Tade recommends to ALL cancer patients:

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr. Nasha Winters ND FABNO

Outside the Box Cancer Therapies by Dr. Paul Anderson NMD