Dr Arons Eczema Protocal


Under Dr Arons Eczema Protocal:

Nothing is more frustrating that watching your child suffer from eczema and on an endless cycle of topical steroids.
Or you yourself suffering from this skin condition for years and years. 

Dr. Tade began incorporating Dr. Arons Eczema Protocol
several years ago to great success!

This simple and easy protocol employs low doses of topical steroids as well as antibiotics to rapidly rehabilitate the skin micro biome.

Some patients see results after as little as 2-3 days!

This includes a rapid taper once the skin has stabilized. 

Naturopathic medicine and Dr. Arons protocol is the perfect combination for this condition. Typically Dr. Tade spends 45min-1 hour with the patient and parents reviewing the case and discussing the protocol. She is able to call the mixture into a compounding pharmacy or is happy to call the prescriptions into your local pharmacy to be mixed at home. 

Contact her today to get started on this life changing, skin healing protocol!


Results seen using Dr. Aron's Eczema Protocol.

Results seen using Dr. Aron's Eczema Protocol.